Acro is a form of dance that combines lyrical and traditional/contemporary forms of jazz with tumbling and acrobatic partner stunts. These classes build strength, flexibility and endurance.

Acrobatic Dance 2 is required for competition Acro dancers. 

Starting January, Acrobatic Dance 2 will focus on Acro skills via one choreographed piece for our June Recital.

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Due to COVID-related low enrollment, we are not offering any Acro classes for Fall session. We plan to reopen our Acro program for Spring session, 2021, COVID permitting.

For more information, feel free to review the online version of our Fall schedule via Google Drive: Family Copy: Fall & Spring 2020/21 Schedule. There are two sheets at the bottom of this document. For Fall, click on “Updated Fall 2020 Schedule.” For Spring, click “Spring 2021 Schedule.” Cells are colored and initialed to reflect who is teaching what class. Columns are organized by day. Rows are organized by time and studio (i.e., class location within our building, i.e., studio A, B and C).

Our Instructors

Lindsi Kay
Lindsi Kay
Fode Sylla
Fode Sylla


What should I wear to Acro?2020-01-09T03:12:18+00:00

Form-fitting dance attire, i.e., black jazz pants/leggings, spandex shorts (appropriate length please), leotard, form-fitting tank tops, form-fitting t-shirts, etc.; bare feet; hair pulled back; no jewelry; no fake nails

Shopping Recommendations: Just for Kix and Discount Dance Supply 

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