Recreational Program


Learn how to dance for the sheer fun of it! Our recreational program provides both performance and technique classes in the following disciplines: Acro, Ballet, Bollywood, Breakin’, Contemporary, Creative MovementHip Hop, Improvisation, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Musical Theater, Performance Fundamentals, PointeStrength & Stretch, Tap, West African and Yoga.

Our Fall & Spring performance (a.k.a., recital) classes focus on skills via two choreographed pieces for our December Recital and June Recital. Teen/Adult classes may vary–please confirm with the instructor.

Our technique classes address crucial technical aspects of each art form, which include strength, flexibility, body awareness and placement. These technique classes also involve instruction in turning, jumping and leaping via across-the-floor exercises and center-floor combinations for jazz, ballet and Acro. With regards to tap, articulation, speed, style and memorization tend to be the main focus. Please note: Though our technique classes do not typically perform, we may receive requests to do so and will therefore accommodate based off of a majority need. Please contact admin or the appropriate instructor to confirm.

Summer 2021 Registration

Summer registration is OPEN! Check out our online version of the Summer Schedule via Google Drive: Family Copy: Summer Schedule 2021. Cells are colored and initialed to reflect who is teaching what class. Columns are organized by day. Rows are organized by time and studio (class location within our building, i.e., studio A, B and C). Our schedule is subject to change.

Register below or select your discipline of choice from the sidebar on the left for a discipline-based registration list (note that we are currently updating each discipline page for summer). When you register, you will be able to print a personalized copy of your classes from your account.

Registration/Payment Clarification for New Families

You must register for at least one class in order to create a customer account. You will then be able to access your account via the “Customer Portal” located at the top of our website. If you do not intend to take a class, please do not create an account. When you register, you will be asked to plug in your credit/debit card information. Your card will NOT be charged at the time you enter in this information but on the first of the month that classes begin; however, please account for payment the day of enrollment if you’ve registered after classes have begun. From your account, you may pay as soon as GDSC posts fees.

If a class does not meet the minimum requirement of 5 participants, the class may be cancelled.

Please review the agreements you signed upon enrollment by logging into your account (Customer Portal located at the top left of our website) or heading directly to the web page: Enrollment Policy Agreements.

COVID-19 Considerations

We are finally back in the studio for on-site/in-person classes; however, up-to-date COVID-19 guidelines will dictate whether or not we continue with that structure. Because we are committed to the safety of our staff, students and their families, we are proceeding with extra caution by following ALL requirements and recommendations (i.e., closures, masks, social distancing, sanitization, etc.). When classes cannot be offered on studio premises due to COVID-19, we provide virtual options (i.e., email content, Zoom) if it makes sense with our class structure. We will promptly notify students/families of any changes.

Please review our “COIVD-19 Studio Protocol” before attending class. Thank you!