Recreational Classes Enrollment Policy Agreement



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Medical Part I/COVID-19

I understand that dancing is a strenuous physical activity. To my knowledge, the student has no medical problems or injuries that would prevent participation in class. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform a physician of any medical issues and to obtain written consent for participation. I agree to inform the instructor(s) of any known health condition that may affect class participation.

I know that I can review GDSC’s updated COVID-19 plan here: COIVD-19 Studio Protocol. This COVID-safe plan for on-site classes is subject to change.

Medical Part II/COVID-19

I agree to release Gotta Dance, LLC (GDSC), its participants, or any instructor from liability related to accidents, injury, illness and/or the acquisition of COVID-19 on-site. I also agree to communicate in the event I have any signs of illness, or an injury, and understand that physical clearance from a doctor may be required to return to class. Gotta Dance, LLC can require, at their discretion, a sports physical for clearance to dance. Gotta Dance, LLC reserves the right to suspend participation immediately if COVID-19 symptoms are detected.

By signing this agreement, I am aware that Gotta Dance, LLC will not be held liable for any COVID-19 cases that may be contracted during participation on studio premises–inside or outside of the building. Participation is at the risk of those teaching or taking GDSC classes.

Tuition, Registration and Termination

I understand and agree to the following:

  • Tuition for Fall & Spring is based on four classes per month. Please note that tuition is not prorated when there are fewer than four classes, and in return, there are no added fees when a fifth week occurs. Fall & Spring tuition can be reviewed online under “Tuition.” Tuition for Summer is based on a flat rate per class/camp and can be reviewed on the registration tables listed at the bottom of our “Classes” and Recreation pages.
  • Tuition is subject to change.
  • Tuition is non-refundable. We do not prorate or refund for absences, but we do offer make-ups.
  • Enroll during our early registration periods (specified on GDSC website) –avoids a $10 registration fee.
  • For those who cannot commit to a full term, we offer a drop-in rate of $20/hour. Amount must be paid prior to class.
  • Fall recreational recital classes: To qualify for our monthly tuition rate, students must commit to our December Recital, and therefore, to class participation from October-December. We give students the month of September to try class(es) before making a commitment. If a student is NOT going to continue participation in class(es), an email must be sent to GDSC by September 30th, otherwise, tuition will be charged from October-December.
  • Spring recreational recital classes: To qualify for our monthly tuition rate, students must commit to our June Recital, and therefore, to class participation from April to June. Classes taken January-March do not obligate the student to the June Recital. However, if a student is NOT going to continue participation in class(es), an email must be sent to GDSC by March 31st, otherwise, tuition will be charged from April-June.
  • Fall and Spring technique/adult classes: Tuition is paid on a month-to-month basis and is non-refundable once paid. If the student no longer wishes to attend a class, an email must be sent to GDSC by the last day of the current month to avoid being charged for the following month.
  • Series classes: Classes offered as a Series must be paid in full before the start date. Refunds are not offered for Series classes.

GDSC automatically enrolls Fall Session students for Spring Session. Please send an email to GDSC by December 15th if the student will not be participating in Spring Session class(es).

GDSC reserves the right to refuse or terminate enrollment for any reason. No refund of the current month’s tuition will be made upon termination of the agreement; however, future monthly automatic payments will cease upon notification.

Dress Code

I understand that dance requires proper attire for the dance class setting and the student must be dressed appropriately for class(es). I am aware these are costs in addition to the regular monthly tuition and that the student may be asked to only observe class, if not properly attired. Required dress code information for each discipline can be found at under FAQs.

Costume/Recital Ticket Agreement

I understand and agree to the following:

  • Costuming is required for GDSC’s December and June recitals.
  • Self-costumes (December Recital): Instructors provide student/parent self-costuming information (i.e., online purchase, thrift shops, local stores, etc.) and dates by which costumes must be purchased.
  • Catalog costumes (June Recital): Instructors choose costume from a catalog; parents are billed a costuming fee in February which is auto charged with the March tuition fee. Costumes are distributed at Instructor’s discretion.
  • A ticket is required to watch each recital. This payment covers the cost of auditorium rentals, printing fees staff to run the show, and vendors for set-up, tear-down and lighting.

Costume costs and recital tickets are in addition to monthly tuition.

Schedule Change

I understand that a class could be cancelled, or the day/time changed, if it does not meet the minimum requirement of five participants. I’m also aware that if a class is cancelled or the day/time changed, alternative opportunities will be provided in an effort to accommodate.

Trial Week

Free “Trial” classes happen the first week of Fall and Spring sessions only. This provides students the opportunity to experience a class without obligation to a drop-in or monthly fee during that week. The student must register as a Trial in order to receive the class(es) for free.

After the trial week, if the student decides to continue for the full session the appropriate monthly tuition will be charged, and the obligations outlined in this Agreement apply. The Trial opportunity does not apply to Series classes.

NOTE: If you are currently in our system, the software will not allow you to register as a “Trial”. Please email GDSC and we will enroll you.


I understand that refunds are not given for missed classes and tuition applies regardless of absence. I understand that attendance is important for the student and their classmates to optimize their learning. I’m aware that dress rehearsal and attendance two weeks prior to a recital are mandatory and will ensure student is present. I agree to schedule a private lesson(s) in the event the student misses more than three classes and is struggling to learn the technique and/or choreography.


I understand that GDSC collects tuition monthly through automatic withdrawal (from a debit or credit card) on the 1st of the month, unless balance is paid in advance. Registrations after the first of the month will need to make payment the day of enrollment.

While it is not preferred, GDSC can accept check and cash for an additional monthly $5 processing fee. You will need to call GDSC to register for classes using cash or check.

Late payments will result in a $10 charge. A payment is considered “late” if it is not made within two weeks of the due date.

Holidays/School Closures/Cancelled Classes

I understand that GDSC generally follows the Bend/La Pine School District’s holiday/break schedule. We are CLOSED for the following holidays/breaks: Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, Spring break, Memorial Day and a portion of Summer break.

In the event of a district-wide school closure, GDSC will consider following the district’s lead. If GDSC decides to follow suit, to the extent possible, the GDSC website and social media accounts will reflect the closure and an email notification will be sent.

In the event of classes cancelled due to poor weather or teacher illness (if a substitute can’t be provided), GDSC will offer alternative class suggestions as a make-up. In the event a class must be cancelled a second time (consecutively), a make-up class will be scheduled.

I understand that tuition will not change for months with school closures and holidays/breaks.

Competition/Performance Program

I am aware that due to GDSC’s Competition/Performance program, there may be specific days during the session in which instructors will be absent to support their Competition/Performance group(s). Make-up classes will be scheduled in the event a class has to be cancelled for this purpose.


Students and their guests agree to respect and care for the GDSC property and equipment. This includes utilizing property/equipment appropriately, keeping personal belongings tidy, and cleaning up after oneself. I understand that students and/or guests of students that cause significant damage, will be held financially responsible for repair. Additionally, in order to extend the life of the Studio floors, students should only consume food and drink (except water) in the lobby and remove non-dance shoes prior to walking on wood floors (to avoid bringing in unwanted/unsafe material, such as rocks).

Visitor Agreement

I agree to consider the following: We would appreciate those not taking class (i.e., parents, family members, friends, etc.) to limit their time in the lobby during afternoon classes. Because our lobby is so small, it quickly becomes a shoulder-to-shoulder experience. We would like to dedicate our lobby to students and staff, rather than have it serve as a work/social hub for those not taking class. This will leave room for staff class prep, encourage students to do their homework while waiting for class, as well as leave room for students and staff to take breaks comfortably. Students and staff really appreciate your understanding and consideration.

I am aware that guests are able to watch the student’s dance class from the GDSC lobby live stream monitors. I am also aware that during the last class of the month, guests can watch the last 15 minutes of a class in the class’s studio (aka, space).


I am aware that GDSC films and takes photos for promotional purposes throughout the year. I grant GDSC, its representatives and employees the right to film and take photographs of me, my child and/or my property in connection with these efforts. I authorize GDSC, its assigns and transferees to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or electronically. I agree that GDSC may use such video footage and photographs of me and/or my child with or without my name and for any lawful purpose, including for example such purposes as publicity, illustration, advertising and Web content.