Lyrical combines classical ballet’s technical elements with the freedom, fluidity and expressiveness of jazz, contemporary and modern. It is principally focused on conveying musicality and emotion through movement.

Fall/Spring recital classes focus on lyrical/contemporary, modern and jazz skills via two choreographed pieces for our December Recital and June Recital.

Summer/Fall/Spring jazz technique classes address crucial aspects of the art form, which include strength, flexibility, body awareness and placement. Though principally focused on jazz-based skills, these classes may integrate lyrical and contemporary, as both disciplines do fall under the jazz umbrella.

Jazz technique is required for Competition Team and Performance Company Contemporary, Jazz, Lyrical and M.T. dancers.

PLEASE NOTE: Though our technique classes do not typically perform, we may receive requests to do so and will therefore accommodate based off a majority need. Please contact admin or the appropriate instructor to confirm.

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In addition to enrolling below, please feel free to review our complete online Summer schedule via Google Drive: Family Copy: Fall/Spring Schedule 2021/22

Our Instructors

Hailey McMichael
Brandi Nichols


What age group/level is best?2021-07-22T21:36:08+00:00

Classes are not only based on age, but also based on experience.

We have overlapping age brackets in order to accommodate those students with/without dance experience. For example, if a student is 10, but has no previous jazz experience, he/she would be placed in Jazz 1 (Ages 8-10) alongside students his/her age. And likewise, if a student is 10 and has previous jazz experience, he/she would be placed in Jazz 2 (Ages 10+). If a student does not have any experience in jazz, he/she would be placed in an age-appropriate class. The aforementioned not only helps in addressing appropriate skills for each level based on mental and physical development, but also creates an atmosphere of confidence and comfort as students grow and learn alongside peers within the same age bracket.

What should I wear to Lyrical?2020-01-09T02:54:41+00:00

Form-fitting dance attire, i.e., black jazz pants/leggings, spandex shorts (appropriate length please), leotard, form-fitting tank tops, form-fitting t-shirts, etc.; tan leather half-soles; tan convertible dance tights (if performance requires it; please, no nylons); hair pulled back

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What should I wear to Technique?2018-05-28T18:04:47+00:00

The answer depends on what discipline you are attending.

For Acro, see the Acro dress code FAQ.

For Ballet, see the Ballet dress code FAQ.

For Hip Hop, see the Hip Hop dress code FAQ.

For Jazz, see the Jazz dress code FAQ.

For Tap, see the Tap dress code FAQ.

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