Email sent 6/13

Hello dance family!

We are so excited to conclude our season with an in-studio showcase! Thank you so much for your support, compassion and perseverance throughout this entire Spring session. Wow, what a season it has been!

Thank you for your patience as we have developed and adjusted the following schedule multiple times before delivering this version to you below. Note that we were able to fit all classes into one day. Please note names next to split classes. While we’re calling it final as of right now, please be aware that, as always, there may be further adjustments as we get updates moving into next week:

Parent Copy: June Showcase Schedule

REMINDER: Showcase: COVID-Safe Plan

Please read the above before our showcase next week, Saturday, June 20. Main takeaways:

*Please wear masks

*Please follow the 6-feet-social-distancing rule

*One parent per student

*Max 6 performers per class (classes larger than 6 have been split into two groups)

*Follow the signs and blue tape

*June 15-19: Last week of Zoom classes= Dress Rehearsal = Please wear costumes, hair and makeup (dress rehearsal exception = solos/company classes)

I will send Zoom meeting links (for both ACT I and ACT II) this week for additional family members to watch from home on Saturday, June 20.  

Email sent 6/5
Hello everybody!
Thank you so much for your patience as we analyze day-by-day how updated guidelines will impact how we safely and efficiently control our studio environment during the showcase. Please note that any of the information below could change at any time.

So without further ado, pour a cup of coffee, take a seat and stay awhile because this is A LOT of information to process. Thank you for your time!


We understand that there is varied perspectives on how to approach open businesses amid COVID concern. As we have never done something like this before, please be understanding. We are concerned for the safety of our staff, parents and students. We hope our plan reflects those concerns, as well as adequately and precisely follows the guidelines provided us by Deschutes County. We anticipate that some of you may view our approach as overboard or not enough. Please note our efforts to meet the needs of most, as well as create a positive and safe experience for staff and families to the best of our ability. Thank you so much for your understanding and support.

Please see our plan on the following google document: Showcase: COVID-Safe Plan

As stated on the document, our line-up and schedule are still being reviewed by staff. Thank you for your patience. We will deliver that info. asap.


Our next pick-up date and time will be Wednesday, June 10, 6-8 p.m. for those who missed the last pick-up dates, as well as for remaining costumes from the following classes:

Ballet 3

Ballet 1b

Pre-Ballet 2

Pre ballet 1 leotards (tutus already in)

Please Note: Pointe MAY be in; we have some of Acro 2, but not all

Please see pick-up instructions below:

1. Please pick-up your costume via studio C–the studio located west of the garbage enclosure in the alley. It is the studio with the garage door.
2. Please continue to follow social distancing rules while waiting in line. (i.e., 6 feet).
3. Please wear a mask upon pick-up.
4. Feel free to call the studio on your way or upon arrival and we can have your items ready to deliver to your car. Our number is 541-647-6899.

Email sent 5/23

Hello dance family!

We really appreciate your patience! See current updates and reminders below:


In keeping with our regular schedule, we have decided to conduct our in-studio showcase June 20; however, please block out the entire weekend June 19-21. We have yet to create our COVID-safe schedule (i.e. line- up with a social- distancing twist ????); therefore, we are unsure of how long we will need for each performance. The schedule and performance instructions will be sent early June.

With the government’s recent COVID phase system, we wanted to clarify our class plan. Our top priority is the safety of our staff, students and their families. With so many unknowns, we prefer to play it safe; therefore, we will press on with Zoom classes until the end of the session (June 19). We know this isn’t ideal for everybody, but currently, we consider this to be the safest approach. (As always, in this climate, things can drastically change in an instant. Please stay tuned for any new updates.)

Remaining Costumes

For those who missed our costume pick-up dates, no stress! We will have one more pick-up date before the showcase. Watch your inboxes for that date, which will be available soon.

Email sent 5/12:

Hello dance family,

We appreciate your support and kindness throughout such a difficult season. Words aren’t enough to express our gratitude. Your continued participation has allowed us to keep our instructors employed and our doors “open”–virtually anyway. 😉 You are helping a community of families survive this pandemic, as well as lending to the ultimate success of our dance community. With you we will still be standing at the end of this pandemic, so thank you.

We all wanted a big-stage recital, which would’ve been ideal to conclude the season, but with last week’s news from Kate Brown and a significant decrease in enrollment following April, we will not be able to facilitate an outdoor event that will work within COVID guidelines, family comfortability and budgets.

Staff and I have been toiling over options available to creatively utilize costumes and the hard work put in by staff, students and parents thus far. We have appreciated your patience as we brainstorm and plan! This has been quite the task because unfortunately, Surviving a Pandemic for Dance Studio Dummies hasn’t been published…yet.


We would like to provide staff, students and parents with some positive closure following such an arduous season. With our many limitations and lack of resources, we would like to facilitate an in-studio showcase, as well as a professional portrait session mid-to-late June for those who are interested. This format will help us safely navigate the pandemic in a controlled performance environment, unlike an enclosed auditorium venue or outdoor event. (Showcase/Portrait date, though projected for mid-to-late June, might need to adjust based on COVID mandates. I believe we will have a better idea on exact dates come late May, early June.)

This in-studio showcase would allow students to perform what they’ve been learning for a limited onsite parental audience, live Zoom audience (meeting link to be shared with family members), professional videographer and photographer.

The in-studio showcase would be free of charge. Video and photos would be optional and cost would be dependent upon the videographer and photographer (looking into donation-only). This format is significantly cheaper than a general admission ticket of $15/family member for a big-stage recital.

We are structuring the showcase to reflect COVID guidelines, which include…

1. Adequate social distancing
2. Groups spaced out to reduce onsite numbers
3. Limitations in performance group and audience members
4. Effective traffic system to filter parents and students in and out safely between performances
5. Masks
6. Hand sanitation, etc.

Please stay tuned for specific details on scheduling and an exact COVID-safe structure when we have officially worked them out.


Thank you for your patience as we ride out the “shelter-in-place” mandate. Given Kate Brown’s recent news, we believe we are now safe to start distributing costumes. Our Assistant Director, Miss Amazing Kelly Sullins, will be working hard to prepare for distribution this week. We are looking to start the distribution process starting next week. A distribution schedule and pick-up instructions will be emailed soon. We thank you so much for your patience as we devise a COVID-safe plan.

“This is precisely the time when artists go to work. There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear. We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilizations heal.” …and we dance! 
–Toni Morrison

Stay safe everybody!

Still persevering,

Brandi and Sean Nichols
Owners, Gotta Dance Studio & Company
Cell 541-961-0471, Studio 541-647-6899


June Recital 2020

Date: June 20
Time: 5:00 p.m.
Location: Bend High School

Come join us at Bend High School June 20 at 5:00 p.m. General admission is $15 per patron. Tickets will be available online closer to the event OR via cash/check at the door the day of the recital (no processing fee). Please note: We will accept debit/credit card via TuTuTix on the studio iPad at recital; however, much like the online format, there is an additional 5% processing fee. You can save money by bringing check or cash the day of the recital!


Dress rehearsal (MANDATORY to perform) will be held June 19 also at Bend High School. Please block out the entire afternoon until we have the schedule available. Thank you!

Our June Recital Event Details doc will be available mid-May. To get a sense of our general procedure, feel free to review details from our December 2019 recital: December Recital Event Details 2019