Erin Felder ~ student/parent

Hands down the best dance studio in Bend. The friendly atmosphere combined with some of the best choreographers and teachers make this studio one that I feel privileged to dance at.

Emily Hicks ~ Age 10

My favorite place to be is Gotta Dance!
There, I can be free!

Denise Humphrey ~ Parent

It's difficult to say how meaningful you, your teachers, and the studio is to my daughters and I.  Gotta dance is a well rounded dance studio that offers a wide variety of dance styles from highly talented instructors.  For the last six years my daughters have been dancing (doing homework, hanging out with friends, and eating dinner) at Gotta Dance.  They are learning jazz, tap, hip hop and ballet from talented instructors that provide challenging age appropriate choreography. However it's more than the routines; my daughters are surrounded by positive strong role models. They have been learning perseverance, team work, character, kindness, and patience.  The community that is "Gotta Dance" is strong, hard working, dedicated, passionate, and supportive. Gotta Dance is an incredible dance studio with so many strengths. I feel privileged that my daughters are a part of this community.   Michelle, your studio and all your people have become a second home to us. Thank you for doing what you do everyday and allowing us to be a part of it. GD is a state of being that you can not only see but feel.  So dance with your eyes and heart open and you'll feel the passion that is GD.

Angie Huber ~ Age 14

Michelle taught me to be determined, hard-working, refined, and even snazzy.  She taught me to be open with people around me and to be unique. Taking dance and meeting Michelle made me a better person.

Heide Camarata ~ Age 17

I've spent as long as I can remember at Gotta Dance and the people there have become my second family. Dancing at Gotta Dance has helped define who I am as a person, and it has helped me grow.  Michelle, and all of the instructors, have helped me gain confidence both on and off stage. I wouldn't take back my 11 years I have spent there for anything.

Ellyssa Lindenmaier ~ 15

Gotta Dance has always been home.

Maranda Schossow ~ Age 18

Gotta Dance has always been a place I can come to and feel at home.  All my worries go away.  The people there are beyond amazing.  It is a fun and silly atmosphere!

Autumn Gelinas ~ Age 16

If dancing at Gotta Dance, with these amazing instructors, hasn't made me a better and stronger person, I don't know what has!

Jade Young Age ~ 16

There is no other place in the world where I can walk in and immediately be overwhelmed with so much love and support.  Gotta Dance is a wonderful studio and everyone there has undoubtedly helped me grow into a better person.

Leesa Hicks ~ student/parent

Gotta Dance is where the heart is.

Ashley Piland ~ Instructor

I have never experienced a more welcoming group of people.  This is my family, my home away from home.  I wouldn't trade these ladies for anything!

Dana MacKenzie ~ parent

Gotta Dance is magic, it's inspirational, and it is boogielicious!

Laylah Weber ~ Age 10

The first time I came here, all of the instructors gave me a warm welcome and they toook me in as family. I LOVE GOTTA DANCE!

Heather Bussmann ~ Age 36

Gotta Dance is more than just a place to take class, it is a family.  There is nothing like the smiles from each instructor when you enter the lobby.  They each encourage you to reach past your limit while still having fun.

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