December Recital 2018: Photos and Footage Info.


For photos, please contact Walt Sullins, one of our hip hop department heads, as well as on-staff photographer. He can be reached via email at Feel free to fill out the following form if you’re interested in purchasing:

Photo Invoice


Though we were unable to provide professional DVDs of our event, we were still able to film the show from a still, wide-angle perspective (i.e., no zooming, panning, etc.). Price for each ACT is $10; customers must provide USB. If you’re interested in video footage, please contact admin at

Disclaimer: Due to technical difficulties, we are missing footage of Jazz 3, Ballet Tech 1-3, Performance Tap 1, L/C (Ages 11-3) and Mini CREW-all in ACT II. Discounts available to folks who are missing numbers. Please let us know if you were able to film the aforementioned, and therefore, willing/able to provide footage of the missing numbers to fams who are interested. We’d love to forward on free of charge.