Summer 2017 Registration

Our Summer session will begin July 28 and end August 31.  

For a printable copy of our complete Summer schedule, click here. When you register, you will also be able to print a personalized schedule of your classes from your account. 

Registration/Payment clarification for new patrons: You must register for at least one class in order to create a customer account. You will then be able to access your account via the "Customer Portal" located at the bottom of our website. (Please note: When you register, you will be asked to plug in your credit/debit card information. Your card will NOT be charged at the time you enter in this information.) From your account, you may pay as soon as GDSC posts fees; however, for those who haven't paid by the first of August or who prefer to have it automatically withdrawn, GDSC will process payments August 1. Registrations after August 1 will need to account for payment the day of enrollment. If you do not register during the early registration period (May 1-July 15), please account for a $5 increase in summer prices, effective July 16.