Rental Policy Agreements

Injury Agreement

In the event of an accident or injury during class, on the property, or related to any organized event, I release Gotta Dance, LLC, its participants, or any instructor from liability except in circumstances constituting in gross negligence.

Property Agreement

I and/or my entire party (i.e., staff, children, students, etc.) agree to respect Gotta Dance, LLC's property (i.e., furniture, fixtures, flooring, walls, mirrors, etc.). I know that if I and/or my party cause damage, I will be held responsible for repair. I'm also aware that respect signifies keeping the environment clean and tidy. I and/or my party agree to clean up to the best of my/our ability and leave each space the way I/we found it. I and/or my party also agree to wear only dance shoes in studios A, B and C. I know that wearing street shoes in any one of the studios could bring in unwanted/unsafe material, such as rocks. I and/or my party will keep food and drink (unless it is water) out of studios A, B and C. 

Rental Fee Agreement

I am aware that there are two price points for renting GDSC’s spaces: A and C at $25 per hour and B at $20 per hour OR 30% of income per hour. These options can be discussed at the time of agreement. Current students taking privates from GDSC instructors are the exception to the rule. The student rate is $10 per hour for general privates (i.e., makeups, etc.). Privates regarding competitive solos, duos or trios must review the “Competition Private Lesson Policy: Solos, Duos, Trios” for specifics on rental fees. Payment is due the first of every month. Gotta Dance, LLC takes cash, check, or card at no additional cost. 

*Renter Responsibility Agreement

I agree to turn off air conditioning/heat in the studio I used. If I am the last one at the studio, I agree to turn off all the lights and lock up both the downstairs foyer door and glass door into the foyer before I leave. I also agree to leave the space (studio used and lobby) the way I found it. . I am aware that there is a checklist attached to the outside of the downstairs inside foyer door. If I am the last one to leave, I will check off the above tasks and sign my name.

*Applies to renters only