Policy Agreements

Medical Agreement
I understand that dancing is a strenuous physical activity. To my knowledge, I have no medical problem(s) that would prevent me or my student from participating in class. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform my physician of any medical(s)and to obtain my physician's consent to participate in class if any health problem(s) exist or develop. I agree to inform the instructor(s) of any known health condition which may affect my participation.

Injury Agreement
In the event of an accident or injury during class, on the property, or related to any organized event, I release Gotta Dance, LLC, it's participants, or any instructor from liability except in circumstances constituting in gross negligence.

Tuition Agreement
Fall/Spring tuition is based on four classes per month.  Some months will have fewer classes due to school breaks and closure. Other months have five weeks of classes, depending on the calendar year.  Please note that tuition is not pro-rated when there are fewer than four classes, and in return, there are no added fees when a fifth week occurs. The above pricing and policy information are also provided on the GD website and are subject to change. The undersigned agrees to the terms of the above policies. This agreement may be terminated by either party at any time with written notice. No refund of the current month's tuition will be made upon termination by the registrant without the Gotta Dance, LLC's owners' consent. Gotta Dance, LLC reserves the right to refuse or terminate service for any reason.

Attendance Agreement
I understand that refunds are not given for missed classes and that tuition  will still apply regardless of me and/or my child's absence.  I understand  that attendance is my responsibility and that every absence affects me and/or my child, and his/her classmates. I agree to private lessons in the event my child and/or I have missed more than three classes.

Billing Agreement
Payment is due the first of every month. Late payments will result in a $10 charge. Gotta Dance, LLC collects monthly tuition through automatic monthly withdrawal. At the time of registration, your card will NOT be charged. It will be charged the first of the month you plan to take classes. Please note, in a case where this is a concern, GD accepts check and cash for an additional monthly $5 processing fee. You will not be able to register online if this is the avenue you would like to take--please call Gotta Dance, LLC to register.  However, to avoid the hassle and this extra monthly charge, please include your credit/debit card information at the time of registration. 

Holidays/School Closures Agreement
I understand that Gotta Dance, LLC follows the Bend/La Pine School District's holiday/break and school closure schedule. I am aware that the studio will be closed the following holidays/breaks: Labor Day, Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, MLK Day, Spring break, and Memorial Day. I am also aware that in the event of a school closure due to poor weather conditions, the Gotta Dance website and social media accounts will reflect closure. Again, I know that the tuition amount will not change for months with school closures, holidays, and breaks.

Company/Competition Program Agreement
I am aware that due to Gotta Dance's company/competition program, there may be specific days during the dance year in which instructors will be absent to support their company/competition group(s). Makeup classes will be scheduled in the event a class has to be cancelled for this purpose.