• Jazz/Contemporary/Lyrical Classes

    Contemporary dance is a compilation of different techniques founded upon modern dance, while jazz dance is fast and energetic! Lyrical, on the other hand, combines the many technical elements of classical ballet with the freedom of jazz, contemporary and modern dance. For more information on these genres, please visit our "Descriptions" page underneath "Class Schedule."

  • Ballet/Pointe Classes

    Ballet is a classical and artistic dance form characterized by grace and precision of movement. It uses clear-cut and highly formalized sets of steps, positions, poses and gestures. Pointe is the part of classical ballet technique that concerns pointe work in which a ballet dancer supports all body weight on the tips of fully extended feet. For more information on these genres, please visit our "Descriptions" page underneath "Class Schedule."

  • Technique Classes

    A class designed for the serious dancer, technique within the ballet and jazz programs offers instruction in turning, jumping, and leaping through across-the-floor exercises and center-floor combinations. With regards to our tap program, technique involves education in speed, articulation, clarity and improvisation. These classes are taught with an emphasis on strength/control and correct body placement. They are taught in a progressive manner, beginning with the basics and then advancing to high-level skills and combinations.

  • Hip Hop Classes

    Hip hop refers to street dance styles, primarily performed to hip-hop, rap, or pop music . It includes a wide range of styles, including breaking, locking, and popping. What distinguishes hip hop from other forms of dance is that it is often "freestyle" (improvisational) in nature. Hip hop is a very high energy style of dance, both with the extreme physicality of the moves and the intensity of the music.

  • Tap Classes

    Tap, characterized by the use of shoes with metal plates attached, is not only a style of dance, but also a style of music. Using shoes as percussive instruments, tap creates rhythmic-based sound, while still appealing to the eye with choreographed movements. There are two major variations within this genre: rhythm tap and Broadway tap. Broadway tap focuses more on the choreography of the dance. It is widely performed within musical theater productions. Rhythm tap focuses more on musicality, and most often, improvisation, either via solos or groups.

  • Acro Classes

    Acro is a form of dance that combines lyrical and traditional/contemporary forms of jazz with gymnastics, tumbling and acrobatic partner stunts. This class builds strength, flexibility and endurance. (Students should be prepared to do required strength and conditioning classes.)

Gotta Dance Studio & Company

Gotta Dance offers quality dance instruction by an award-winning faculty. We pride ourselves in teaching classes that are inspiring and challenging, while supporting each student in a fun and positive environment! 

Our experienced and professionally-trained staff teaches beginning- to advanced/competition-level classes to students who are ages two and older. We offer instruction in contemporary, improvisation, lyrical, ballet, pointe, creative movement, jazz, musical theater, tap, hip hop, acro, Bollywood, West African, and our newest addition, an acting class for dancers. We're also pleased to introduce a fitness program beginning this fall, which will include instruction in yoga, Pilates, and boot-camp style fitness. Some select yoga classes will be featured this August. 

Whether dancing at a local venue, convention/competitions, or our own recitals, we have a passion to perform! We would love for you to join our Gotta Dance family!

Latest News

A Letter from the New Owners

When founder Michelle Mejaski asked my husband and I to buy her successful dance studio, we felt honored, for a lack of better words. Initially shocked, we stepped back and reviewed our options in life. At that time, we had introduced our second child into the world. I had just completed my master's degree in teaching and had genuinely planned on being in the English Language Arts classroom. My husband, working seasonally as a manager at Sunriver, was driven to climb the ranks at the resort. Our eyes were set in a different direction. Was this the right time for a change in course? Maybe we were intended for something a little different...

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Stay Tuned for More GDSC Logo Silhouettes

The contest is over, but we're always looking for more inspiration. Send in your ideas and we might still consider them. We've got musical theater taken care of with ol' Gene Kelly, but we need representation of tap, jazz, ballet and hip hop.

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Presenting the New GDSC Logo

Thank you Jill Chapman for a job-well done. You shaped my capricious ideas into something tangible. You were able to spin my love of blue and old-school dance into a work of art that did justice to the name, "Gotta Dance"--and the song for that matter. And of course, we can't forget ol' Gene Kelly--thanks for the inspiration, Gene--you'll represent our musical theater department with class! Stay tuned for jazz, tap, hip hop and ballet silhouettes. 

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Summer Registration

May 19th ~ Aug 1st

It's that time of year again! Summer is here already and with it, a brand new dance program.

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Early Registration for Fall 2016

Jul 18th ~ Aug 31st

Fall registration is now open! Sign up now and avoid a $10 registration fee--deal ends August 31! 

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