Brandi Nichols

Brandi started dancing at Dance & All That Jazz (DAATJ) in Newport, Oregon at age 7. Her dancing career started in tap, but progressed to jazz and ballet shortly thereafter. While at DAATJ, she became a "TJ Hoofer", and studied under master dancers J.T. Horenstein and Bill Prudich. She attended several L.A. Dance Force (LADF) conventions in Washington, which lead to a showcase piece, and a silver medal for Tap 4's advanced tap number. She then received the privilege to teach at DAATJ as a student instructor. After high school, she ventured from Australia to Europe.

She then moved to San Diego where she studied jazz, tap, and West Coast Swing at the University of San Diego as well as studied advanced jazz class at a studio called Culture Shock. After one and a half years of studying at USD and six months at Universita' Cattolica in Milan, Italy, Brandi relocated to Eugene, Oregon. There, she finished her Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Italian and found time to attend tap, jazz, West Coast Swing and West African dance classes—the latter quickly becoming one of her favorite dance genres. A marriage proposal landed her in Bend, lending her an opportunity to teach at Dance Magic in Redmond for a year, and finally, at her new dance home, Gotta Dance!

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